New Age Recruitment

LinkedIn is one of the most used social media channels for recruitment and staffing, but how effective are all the other social media channels for recruitment purposes? Some say the death of the traditional paper CV is upon us, but this stance may be a bit premature, although it is fair to say that it…

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The flexible working myth

So this week I am staying away from social media, but looking to gauge responses on topics for staff retention and candidate attraction. Leave a comment below and share what you think about flexible working! This is a sore spot for many people the world over, flexible working, or indeed the fantasy of flexible working.…

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Find a candidate FAST, using social

Direct sourcing of candidates using social media. Forget branding for a moment if you can, this is not about candidate attraction nor is it about creating a pipeline, this is about filling a role you needed to fill last week and how to do it using social media! So, your hiring manager has sent you…

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From student, to graduate, to employee via social

Students globally are social media nerds, they know all the acronyms and shortcuts to write blogs, postings and a whole lot more. So why are the youth of today so scared of virtual networking to further them in life? I spent a brief time working at Kingston University. I came across students that knew what…

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Social is growing, and so are we!

Yesterday, Indiana introduced herself to our lovely readers and explained a little of what her role involves. Namely fulfilling immediate future’s recruitment needs, from internships to senior positions, and making sure that the workforce is getting enough TLC! But she is not the only new member of the team. In fact, immediate future will soon…

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