Facebook’s latest move

As a consumer, you’d be forgiven for missing the change in product branding which occurred this week by Facebook. Sorry, FACEBOOK. Their announcements around the rebrand focus on their objective to be “clear” about which products belong in their wheelhouse. This effort may seem little more than a PR move – as The Guardian reports,…

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It’s not just Vloggers that need to know ASA rules

Today the BBC reported a crackdown on paid promotions via vlogging (video blogs). The example was given of Mondelez brand, Oreo, paying well-known vloggers to promote their biscuits (not a new or particularly unethical practice in itself). However, the vloggers did not declare that this was a commercial arrangement and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)…

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Social Media Law Updated – Deterring the Troll

Internet trolls will (from March 2014) face up to two years in jail under new laws proposed by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. The previous maximum term of 6 months will be quadrupled under the plan to tackle the “cowards” who post abusive comments online. Mr Grayling said the plan was a signal of his determination to “take…

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11 tips to make your social media policy secure

You may have seen The Social Media Policy Workbook already. But if you haven’t, it’s a resource chock-full of checklists, tips and real life examples to help you create a robust social media policy that can stand up to scrutiny. Now we’ve gone one step further with added tips and advice from our team as…

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3 basics steps to achieving social media innovation

What is social media to you? How can you keep track of what’s going on? And how can you keep a tight lead on your own activity? Social media is evolving all the time and creating new and wonderful technologies and opportunities; it’s no wonder that every now and then you ask yourself where you…

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Social Media Law: 10 tweetable stats you should know!

Who doesn’t love a retweet? It’s quick and simple and it can save you the hassle of creating an update. But it’s worthwhile taking the time to think through a retweet because sometimes they can get you into a sticky situation… Help raise awareness about the risks when it comes to social media and the…

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