Sony Pictures Crisis and Social Media

The debate that has erupted after Sony’s David Boies’ “cease and desist” letter to media outlets was published invokes the paradoxical nature of trying to control and predict the media a la; have you ever walked into a crowded bar and demanded everyone stop talking? It has also raised to the forefront, yet again, of the…

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Sony’s Music Unlimited spreads its wings at MIDEM 2011

Get excited, it’s another post by Mark where he’s been on a press trip! (OK, stop rubbing it in [that’s what she said!].Ed.) Last weekend, I accompanied our client Sony Europe as they visited the MIDEM 2011 conference in Cannes. If you haven’t heard of MIDEM before, it’s an annual music industry conference where movers…

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The secrets to social media ROI

There is much debate about whether social media can generate a return on investment. It is certainly a hot topic given the increasing investment in social media activity. As a social media agency we work with lots of brands, big and small. All of whom have different expectations from social media. Each initiative is different…

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