YouTube go for the cord-cutters with TV ads 📺

Let’s talk about the video giant, YouTube. YouTube viewership is increasing on TV. Its apps for smart TV and gaming consoles are growing and growing among viewers who prefer to watch on the big-screen, instead of the little screen in their pockets. In the past, YouTube saw a shift from video-viewing on desktop to mobile.…

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Crime drama goes micro with #Shield5

Monday 1st February sees the launch of Shield 5. The UK’s first ever Instagram-only drama series. By no means the world’s first Instagram-only TV show, as US audiences have enjoyed several platform-dedicated shows in the past: Desert Friends Artistically Challenged Shadow Hunters Suits Shield 5, created and directed by Anthony Wilcox and spanning 28 episodes, takes…

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Snack brands latest campaigns drive social engagement

Two great examples of brands using social engagement at the heart of their campaigns have popped up recently. Both Walkers Crisps and Kit Kat Chunky have launched multi-channel campaigns supported by TV advertising to create a buzz around new flavours of their products, seeking user participation and driving activity through their Facebook pages. The ‘Choose…

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Tweeting about TV

Some of us at IF towers are self-confessed ‘Gleeks’ so we were ecstatic when the new series started last week on E4 and annoyed the haters in the office by talking about it. But it looks like we aren’t the only ones who love a bit of Glee gossiping. The Twitterverse is filled with chatter…

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Does TV influence search?

Research from Ofcom this week shows that we are all getting better at multi-tasking. This evolution has been spurred by our need to juggle various communications devices and channels. Rory Cellan-Jones in his BBC blog asks if there should be a moral panic about the way we are all spending our time. With so much…

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