Photoshop’s 20/20 Vision

It’s that geeky time of year for the creative soul, where Adobe releases its latest developments for its packages. Software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects have published updates to fend off the rivalling design packages such as Sketch, Pixlr, ProCreate and CorelDraw. Not to mention us users waiting to see what bugs have…

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Is LinkedIn’s new app update ‘all that’?

  LinkedIn has finally caught up. After several nudges into bits and pieces of newly-designed UI, including the Ads manager dashboard, LinkedIn Pulse, and messaging features, the platform has totally revamped its mobile app. Boasting a whole new breezy design, a faster home feed and several new features including a ‘more’ instant messaging system and meeting sync. New…

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New Facebook update sends competition app developers walking!

Facebook has announced that they will abandon third-party competition apps to run competitions and instead offer users the chance to run promotions themselves. The update should make page promotions marketer and competition entrant friendly. By having competitions run directly on their Page Timelines companies will be able to collate “likes”, “shares” and “comments”, making replying…

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