4 lessons to learn from the rise and fall of Vine

Vine; the social media app where users can upload and share no more than 6 second clips, is officially dead in the water. Twitter acquired the app in 2012, and 4 years later has decided to shut it down. Poor Twitter – can’t catch a break! Although Vine has been less-than-popular recently, the golden days…

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It really is the year of video

Everywhere that you look right now there is video. Everyone is talking about video, every platform is competing to own video, new video formats are being created and developed for social channels and brands are all trying to use video in new and innovative ways. Basically, if video is not part of your marketing plan…

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Upload your edited video to Vine in 4 easy steps!

Today I am going to show you how you can take your pre-made video content on your desktop computer and turn it into a Vine in 4 easy steps. Of course the real first step is producing some really top quality video content, but here’s some I borrowed earlier – Create some fantastic video content.*…

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5 Inventive ways B2B brands use Vine

Is Vine suitable for B2B brands? This is a good question, which I hear being raised over and over again. “Shouldn’t only food brands and celebrities use Vine?” – some may ask. A little investigation I did this morning reveals that, B2B brands can be equally creative Vine makers, and some do it really well. …

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5 facts about micro-videos you must know!

© Vine. Logo. © Instagram. Logo. As we know Vine and Instagram videos have been a great success and added something extra to the social media armoury. There is a lot said about Vine and Instagram but what are the most important figures that we, brands and businesses, should take notice off? Between June 19 – July…

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