Take a few Moments on Twitter

Twitter used to be the place for short, snappy messages. It still is, to some degree, but in the industry landscape where storytelling is everything, it’s getting more and more difficult to tell story, or even parts of your story in one Tweet.

Twitter Moments allow you to create and curate those longer-form pieces of content that are vital to your brand’s marketing activities! Moments have been out for a while now, but here are a few suggestions of how you can use them to connect with customers in your brand’s feed!

Create fun round-ups – Of course, these should be topical and relevant to your brand. For example, if your organisation is around pets, you could create a Moment for hilarious memes and Tweets about cats that your cat-owning followers might find really relatable and fun. This can be a super exciting feature to connect with followers a personal level. (Don’t forget about those dog-owners though!)

Promoting a themed message – Every brand has a core message that they live throughout their content. If there’s a message or sentiment that is important for you, curate content that falls into that conversation.

Keeping current with stories – Show your audience that you’re on the front foot by quickly responding to industry news, emerging trends and other events in a Moment, which can contribute to your wider story.

Calling out company news – Upcoming product launch? Expanding the business into another country or region? New CEO? Launching a graduate scheme? Curating this content under a Moment is a great way to showcase the news, especially if it’s attracted some attention on Twitter!

Harking back to events – Twitter’s a great place to have conversations around events and to encourage user-generated content with features like hashtags. (Feels a bit weird calling them a feature, seeing as they’re everywhere now!) In case your audience missed out, or if you want to let new followers know, share the event and the sentiment around it to show that it really matters to your brand.

Event inbound – With an event coming up that has a lot of buzz around it, a Moment is the perfect place to share your own brand’s

Tap into conversations – Ahh yes… conversations… those wonderful things that Twitter was created for! Jump on conversations that other people or even other businesses are having. For B2B organisations, this is a perfect way to show your brand’s collaboration with partners.

Boasting about positive feedback – Ideally, you’ll share good feedback from customers! This could be someone raving about how great your product is or sharing a way it has improved their life. It could also be feedback or great comments from your internal staff – an authentic way to assist recruitment and showcase your brand’s values.

Resurfacing your own Tweets – Perhaps you tweeted a while back about an issue and it’s really relevant to a story that’s popped up in the news today! Bring it back with Moments – it could show a sentiment that you’re always passionate about.

Here’s a bit more info and here’s how to create a Moment.

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