Take real-time social listening to the next level


As the most romantic weekend of the year approaches, I am once again filled with joy as I get to spend it working with one of my favourite clients, working in a fast-paced, action-packed, real-time social media command centre.

Social listening has become more than accepted by almost every business worth its digital salt. However, conducting this effectively in real-time scenarios can vary vastly in quality. Many scrape online conversations at a basic level, but how do you build high-quality listening that delivers over and above your competition?

Here are 5 of the top tips that will set you on the route to world class real-time listening:Make sure you are truly real time

1. Make sure you are truly real time

Tools vary in how ‘real-time’ they truly are. Ensure that your check the frequency of the updates for the live streams and the latency settings when selecting and setting up your tool. Some crawl websites using the same sort of algorithm as Google spiders (every time the website content updates), whereas others use standard timings – do your homework.

2. Use monitors and tabs to make the important stuff easy to reach

Setting up key tabs or separate monitors that put the important things for your projects under a microscope at the click of a button will make your life far easier. There is nothing more frustrating than digging for data in a real-time scenario. So put the important information at your fingertips.

3. Map core metrics to geography

Mapping the important metrics (such as sentiment) to geographical locations can help you identify problems in advance of a potential crisis. For example, if you can see a lot of negativity coming from a particular area, you may identify that your business operations in that area are suffering. You can then communicate with them and fix the problem at source, rather than waiting to hear about it through customer complaints.

4. Create alerts that map your key criteria

Setting up email alerts that flag core criteria for you can ensure that nothing is missed and you get to potential problems or areas for celebration before the rest of the world notices. For example, setting up alerts for patterns of behaviour, escalation criteria or consumer trends may help you get ahead of the curve.

5. Capture and repurpose the good bits

Real-time monitoring isn’t all about crisis prevention. Having a holistic view of how people are interacting with your brand will allow you see the good bits, capture UGC and repurpose amazing customer content for fantastical marketing purposes.


Happy hunting!

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