Taking your customers on a social media journey


Digital marketing is all the rage this year with branding testing new and innovative ways to communicate with your targeted audience. Social media channels have released major updates to accommodate the way we interact, communicate and digest information. Let’s guide our potential customers on the yellow brick road to Oz (the sale).

Your brand story should be consistent online and offline with the right tone of voice, messaging and attention-grabbing design. Content that reflects your key messaging consistently and marries up with the landing page elements will not only gather form fills, sales and leads but also build a loyalty community that will keep coming back.

Here’s a few bread crumbs to lead your audience in the right direction.

Make sharing easy 

Give your audience a reason to follow your clues. Provide a teaser, striking image and break the boundaries of “normal” content. One key point that I’ve learnt in my career is not to ask for too much! Start with the content that takes the least time to access and keep the customers asking for more.

Did you know that 55% of buyers do their research by using social networks? There’s your chance to serve the right information to lead the way.

Content that counts

42% of people will tell their friends about a good brand / customer experience on their social channels. If your customers are already talking about how great you are, why not give them the tools they need to shout louder.

We all know that some days it feels like there’s hundreds of trends and conversations going on in social media. Don’t shy away, stay focused on what matters to your business and ask yourself what kinds of content will be most useful and easy to share? What questions are you customers asking and how can you answer them?

Keep answering these questions and soon you’ll have a thriving social media community, ready and waiting for content, products and conversation

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