Ten tips for effective content planning

Ever asked yourself why content marketing is like a tube of Pringles? Because once you pop, you just can’t stop.

Sites, mobile optimised sites, social platforms, blogs, all craving fresh content and stagnating in static copy until the next fix arrives.

But what does that next fix of content look like? A knee-jerk reaction to a topical hitchhike? Or a strategic asset, targeted at your audience, true to your brand and tailored to your objectives.

Fuel content with strategy and it becomes a vehicle for raising awareness, driving actions and creating conversions.

Pre-arm content with planning and it becomes an altogether more manageable task.

The following tips should arm you with a robust framework for developing any content plan.

1)       Know your target – your audience and their preferences should be the primary driver behind any content

2)       Know your workflow – who produces the content, who edits it, who chases who

3)       Optimise – be clear of your keyword strategy, this should also form the basis of your content

4)       Know your brand values – every single piece of content should act as a direct representation

5)       Know your brand personality – this needs to be consistent and this needs to shine through every piece of content

6)       Know your aim – how does the content relate back to your overall business objectives

7)       Know your metrics – what will you measure, how will you know if your content is working

8)       Know your content types – be aware of the objects being produced, a video requires a different workflow to a blog post

9)       Look ahead – what needs to be created, filmed, written this month to ensure it’s ready for the next

10)   Assign actions – be clear on the next steps that all involved parties need to take from day to day and week to week

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