Testing, Testing! Collaborative Fleets.

A few months ago we wrote about Fleets, Twitter’s answer to ‘Stories’ – which is Instagram’s answer to Snapchat! Whilst Fleets still haven’t rolled out to everyone, they are now working on creating a ‘collaborative’ version:

“We are testing something new for some people using Fleets in Brazil so they can Fleet with another account and everyone can see their conversation for 24 hours. We are trying this to understand how people might use this new way of having conversations in Fleets, as part of our bigger efforts to better serve the public conversation and encourage people to share fleeting thoughts.”

An interesting iteration below is an example of how it currently looks:

Under Collaborative Fleets, two merged Fleets would be available by two different users. A double bubble would appear indicating that it is a Collaborate Fleet, which once tapped will view the Collaboration.

Very little information regarding the Fleet update has been shared so far, making it difficult to say exactly what it will entail – but the general gist is promoting shared stories, interviews, and more.

We’re interested to see what actually comes out of this and how brands (and us regular folk) can make use of it!

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