The 4 golden rules of Twitter customer service

Twitter provides great opportunities for businesses to establish effective and engaging communication with their customers. But how should companies go about doing it? Here are some useful principles to follow.

1. Problem acknowledgement and quick apology

Customers value honest communication.  The quicker you apologise and acknowledge the problem, the better.


2. Immediate response

Be ready to engage with the complaint swiftly and without delay. The longer the reply is delayed, the higher the chance of escalating the customer’s frustration.


3.    Genuine interest

Show that you care about your customer. Go beyond providing a simple answer to the query – try to find out the question behind the question.


4.     Private conversation

Try to prevent lengthy public discussions on Twitter, especially when it may bring potentially embarrassing publicity. Instead, bring the conversation to private channel as soon as possible.


In conclusion, the public and instantaneous nature of Twitter communication makes it even more important to get the customer care right. What are your thoughts? Feel free to share your tips in comments below.

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