The Art of Repurposing High Performance Content

By if-admin | January 17, 2017


It’s always nice to see your work do well. When you see the results of a campaign and a certain piece of content or chunk of copy performs better than you expected it’s wonderful. But why not expand upon that?

In the music industry you don’t have a hit single and leave it at that, it’s repackaged with other songs, reformatted, remixed and resold in new ways to continue its legacy. 

Movies do the same, there are more than 80 movies based on the Alexandre Dumas 3 Musketeers novel, not to mention TV series, Stage shows, Computer games, comic books, board games…you get the point, recycling is great. 

So instead of just basking in the glow of our own success, why don’t we double down on good content and aim for even better results. 

Identifying your best performing content is as simple as checking your insights and analytics tools on each channel but repurposing that content is where the knack lies. 

Firstly identify WHY the content worked so well. Was it the content itself, the timing, the channel or platform it was delivered on? 

Next adapt the content to fit another channel or format. Here are some examples; 

  • Pin a popular Instagram post on PinterestScreen Shot 2017-01-17 at 09.09.36
  • Snapchat your successful video content 
  • Expand upon a good Facebook or LinkedIn post with a follow up blog or video
  • Shatter a video into multiple short form clips


  • Convert multiple pieces of content into a twitter moment
  • Turn an animated GIF or video into a Cinemagraph


  • Make an Instagram story of your best performing video content
  • Create interactive infographics from your copy, especially if it has stats and figures
  • Take stills from your videos, add text overlays and repost to different channels 
  • Compile a selection of Tweets into a Storify or slideshare for easy consumption.

    Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 09.15.44

In essence a tweet could be a snap, a Facebook post could become an Instagram story, your LinkedIn quote could be a kinetic typography video to the Benny Hill theme…

Try not to limit a campaign to a single platform simply because it has worked in the past. Try new things and you might be surprised at the results. 

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