LinkedIn: The best recruitment agency there is?

LinkedIn has a reputation as a place where professionals go to find a job. With an array of new features like LinkedIn Today for breaking news, LinkedIn Groups for discussions and LinkedIn Company Pages introducing a Facebook-esque feel to proceedings, some might argue that its reputation has subsided over time.

But that’s not the case. More roles are now being filled as recruiters jump on the social media bandwagon to find quality candidates. Reportedly 77% of all job roles are posted on the site and 89% of recruiters have filled a position using LinkedIn at one time or another – meaning that LinkedIn is a far more cost-effective way to find the best candidates for any role compared to traditional searches.

LinkedIn, and social media in general, gives recruiters a chance to find out a lot more about a candidate before approaching them directly. By going into LinkedIn Groups and contributing to discussions (as opposed to adopting the gung-ho approach of going in for the hard sell straight away) recruiters can be sure that they are approaching the right people and not just adopting a “same message for everyone” mentality.


Infographics courtesy of Masters in human resources via socialmediatoday

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