So April has arrived, and with it a day when we stop bashing ‘fake news’, and instead celebrate it, and the other witty and, in some cases, heart-stopping ways that our friends and loved ones make April Fools of us all. Not to mention, the brands that get in on the act on their social channels.

Social is a great way to inject some personality into your brand, and take some risks with your content. Done right, it can catch a lot of eyes, and get you a lot of coverage (of course, done wrong it can also turn people off your brand  – make sure any jokes are on brand and you’re happy to deal with any consequences!).

Need a little inspiration? Here are 5 of the best examples of brands doing April Fools:


Google Gnome

Can’t live without your Google Home? Now you can take all the answers outside, with it’s green-fingered counterpart, Google Gnome! Well, all the answers to ‘outside’ questions anyway. What’s the weather like? Glorious. Turn the hose on? Sure! Help Jimmy with his homework? Hard pass.


If you’ve used Google Maps lately, you may also notice that there’s a little button that’ll turn your neighbourhood into retro-classic game, Miss Pacman. Wakka wakka.



If you haven’t seen Pornhub’s marketing efforts before, you’re missing out! (I promise, I just go there for the marketing inspiration…). From that Christmas Ad to their efforts to save the sperm whale (*cough*), Pornhub knows exactly how to reach its target audience, while towing the line of decency to make sure it’s content is still shareable.

They’ve really outdone themselves in their latest efforts though, playing on everyone’s greatest porn-related nightmare. Everyone who visited the site on Saturday was greeted by this, horrifying message:

Porhub April Fools

Users were then let in on the joke once they had clicked on one of the options / recovered from their panic attack.


Pornhub April Fools1


Amazon Petlexa

Not to be outdone by Google, Amazon’s virtual assistant also got an April Fool’s upgrade. Introducing Petlexa! Now your dog can order all the tennis balls he wants, and your cat can…do whatecoca-cola-helium2ver cat’s do. Plan a hostile takeover of a small country or something.


Helium Coke

Now infused with Helium, for more high-pitched fun in every bubble! Coke’s marketing manager Kate Miller said she hopes sales of their latest venture will ‘balloon’. Lols.


Ikea’s Bïgland

Love Ikea, but hate all the small humans in there? (For reals though, tiny idiots). Unfortunately, Ikea’s Bïgland was an April Fool’s Joke, because with it’s “Skal!” bar (Swedish for cheers!) and Swedish Massage Centre it sounded like a dream come true. There’s also an Arbitration Station, to ensure that there are no more couple fights, by way of a professional mediator to help settle your disputes. MOSJÖ Mule anyone?

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 09.19.49

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