The continual rise of Tiktok.

The last year or so, while we have all been stuck working from home due to the pandemic, Tiktok has slowly taken over, well, the world.


We have seen many brands jumping on the bandwagon to create content for the platform, enabling them to target a more youthful demographic and one that will guarantee views. The platform has also allowed brands to be more creative with their content, making more down to earth content with smaller budgets that still get results.


While we have seen a boom on TikTok, we have also seen competitors in the space (Instagram and Youtube) creating their versions, Reels and Shorts. Youtube has also gone as far as to reassure the music upload community on its platform that they are a part of its core values and how they will be supporting them in promoting their content. This being in the wake of Tiktok’s rising ties with the music industry bolstering a large amount of its user base connected one way or another to its sector.


The latest blow to Youtube comes with this weeks announcement that TikTok will be the primary sponsor of this year’s annual Vidcon, taking over from Youtube, which has been the primary sponsor since 2013.


As per Variety:

“YouTube said it will still be in the mix among the secondary sponsors, but the change marks a shift in the event – and more broadly, the creator economy – to embrace multiple platforms.”


Now is a great time to be a content creator. The freedom to choose a platform, or be on both, can be liberating and must come off as threatening to the reigning champ of video content.


It seems like there is no stopping the rise of Tiktok, and as seen above, creators should look to embrace the platform with open arms. But, unfortunately, we will have to wait and see if Tiktok is here to stay or just a flash in the pan in these unprecedented times. 

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