The digital world and traditional marketing

Traditional marketing Vs. digital marketing

With the world becoming more and more digitally dependent we have seen the way in which we market our brands change and evolve. The digital era allows companies to interact with existing and potential customers in exciting creative ways via multiple channels.

You may think that this development of technology and knowledge would mean traditional marketing theories and frameworks would be forgotten and left behind. When you look a little deeper you will actually see that businesses still operate around traditional marketing theories. Behind the face of a company social media page or glitzy digital ad campaigns, the basics of marketing are still being upheld.

The foundations of marketing are taught to GCSE business studies students but many with little work experience may not understand the importance of the marketing mix, SWOT analysis or Ansoff’s matrix. These marketing fundamentals ensure marketing consistency. With the marketing world becoming ever more complicated this can be the difference between brand success and failure. Marketing teams can create imaginative digital focused marketing campaigns and by remembering their relatively simple GCSE marketing theories will not only reduce the risk of failure but also propel themselves ahead of competitors.

The digital era has meant we are able to do these traditional marketing principles more efficiently and arguably with greater effect. It is easy to forget exactly what you are trying to achieve when starting a marketing project. Creating a multi-channel marketing campaign is a very daunting task. If companies take the time to plan their marketing strategy (around these marketing basics) they will be able to be consistent over multiple platforms and reap the benefits this digital marketing era has to offer.

Pete’s top social media tip: Make sure your social media campaign fits the overall marketing strategy. Think carefully about what you want to achieve and use marketing basics as a solid platform to build from.

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