For brands using social media, engagement is what it’s all about. Great engagement not only ensures that your content is being seen by your fans and followers, it creates a dedicated community that will lead to more brand advocates who are happy to tell everyone how great you are.

Which social network is the king of engagement? It was always going to be between the “Big 2” of Facebook and Twitter, but what is surprising is how dominant Facebook is. Spredfast analysed 150 large companies on social media and found there is 10 times more engagement on Facebook than Twitter, with the average company’s fan base also 10 times greater on Facebook.

While Twitter is the social network of choice amongst most brands, if you want a greater level of engagement, then it’s all about Facebook.

The higher level of engagement is due to a number of factors: Facebook’s one billion+ user base plays a huge part, as does the fact that Twitter is such an instant source of news: whereas content on Facebook is more likely to stay in your newsfeed for longer.

Take a look at the key stats on which network triumphs in the engagement stakes on the infographic below:


What do you think – what is better for engagement: Facebook or Twitter?

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