The Foursquare gravy train

With Foursquare now topping two million users across the world, the location-based social network has launched its own online store, giving die hard fans the chance to buy Foursquare memorabilia. Products on offer include a mayor crown t-shirt, button badges and branded stickers.

The new store is the latest in a series of attempts by Foursquare to monetise its increasingly popular service. Recently the company started inviting brands to sponsor badges. Louis Vuitton and MTV have jumped at the chance to offer special badges and offers to users of the service.

In the case oFoursquaref Louis Vuitton, the designer label has partnered with Foursquare to offer users tips on their favourite locations around London. Users who follow Louis Vuitton’s profile and check into the stores around London on a regular basis, have the opportunity to earn themselves a Louis Vuitton Insider badge. The badge will offer users upcoming surprises that at present are still unknown.

Brands that partner with Foursquare have the opportunity to develop a new and engaging way to connect with their consumers. By offering tips, deals and hosting competitions, brands are able to reward their advocates and potentially pick up new customers.

If Foursquare is to grow there are still questions about how it will be funded and with Facebook rumoured to be working on new location based features designed to compete with the social network. The next few months will be critical for the company to get more brands on board and cement its position before the social media behemoth starts throwing its weight around.

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