As the year draws to a close and we all reflect on the vast and rapid developments that have occurred in social media in 2012, it is clear that one of the most prominent progressions has been the growing importance of smartphones to access social networking sites.

40% of us use mobiles to access social platforms and the web, and this number is set to grow. Not only is mobile affecting how we connect with people, it is also affecting the way we shop. More and more consumers use their smartphones to connect with brands as well as finding new and more efficient ways to shop and enhance their shopping experience via mobile.

This infographic by shows how the landscape of social media is being changed by mobile devices. As mobile usage is predicted to overtake desktop usage in terms of frequency by 2014, it is clear that 2013 is only going to see mobile affect the way we access social media even more. In light of these changes, companies who are running social media campaigns need to factor in mobile users in their campaigns.

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