A new generation, one that no-one can put their finger on to how they became so adept in technology. How they use their spare time to create profiles on social media, that now make them more money than the average degree-holder would make. How they are so influenced by youtube, beauty and fashion. This generation now has a name!











  • Approaching Adulthood
  • Video Driven
  • Influencer Aware
  • Digital Native

Market research company Mintel https://www.mintel.com/press-centre/beauty-and-personal-care/generation-avid-mintel-coins-new-acronym-to-identify-teenage-beauty-consumers coined this new term after analysing that 16- 20 years old are heavily influenced by big celebrities like Kylie Jenner or youtube influencers such as Desi Perkins and Zoella.

The research confirmed that 80% of 16-20-year-olds have bought beauty products in the last year and 64% of 16-20-year-olds buy products that are fun to use.

So let’s look into what Avid really is!

Approaching Adulthood

Independence is great! This generation is assumed to be a generation that is entering the workforce or higher education and are generally making decisions for themselves. Whether or not they still rely on “the bank of mum and dad” is another debate!

Video Driven

This generation is educating themselves through video. Tutorials on YouTube have been increasing for years. This simple format of a camera and a ring light has allowed confidence in young teens to grow and allowed them to experiment with their creativity.

Influencer Aware

Whilst the previous generation could tell you all the celebrities that walked down a film premiere red carpet. The younger generation are now looking up at people influencing pop culture and who are producing content across platforms.

Digital Natives

Naturally internet smart! Which means that it may take you 20 minutes to browse the internet, half that time for someone who is internet savvy. These teens are creating social profiles online and growing followers organically. Something that brands struggle with.

Facebook business sees beauty as a community that allows creativity to empower people online. One of the fastest growing brands Huda Beauty grew from Huda Kattan, a beauty blogger and makeup artist, it’s currently the number 1 most searched term in Facebook’s family of Apps.  https://po.st/bjdZG9

Charlotte Libby, Global Beauty Analyst at Mintel, says

“AVID consumers are, therefore, placing greater importance on the fun aspects of beauty, not only the appearance-altering ones, and are drawn to brands that offer creative, entertaining and multi-sensory products and retail experiences.”

Targeting 16-25, in fact, could now be counterproductive. Why not target the Avid Generation if you are looking to reach an audience of beauty consumers. Sometimes casting the net small could get you the biggest fish.

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