The hard-hitting reality of social customer service

I’d like to share this informative infographic from bluewolf consultancy, which provides a fantastic overview of social media as the new service channel. Perfectly summed up in the header – “It is no longer about how fast a business can respond to a customer BUT HOW WELL.” I couldn’t agree more.

Social customer service has been borne out the development of new networks, allowing consumers to communicate their ever increasing demands for better service DIRECT to businesses. It’s fair to say that businesses aren’t really being given the choice as to whether or not they’d like to get stuck in. A presence on social media means that customer complaints are inevitable for most. It’s a do or die situation, as the stats highlighted in this infographic would suggest.

It’s noted that eService (web, social and chat) currently form 13% of incoming support request channels, BUT social media alone is projected to grow by a whopping 37% in just the next year. Now that’s a big jump – are you prepared?

Don’t let your company be a social service offender – a shocking 58% of customers who have tweeted about a bad experience have never received a response from the offending company!

But it’s not all bad. This new social service era provides fantastic opportunities for businesses to capitalise in on, as long as they have the correct resources and processes implemented. Plan ahead, get the right people and tools in place, so your business doesn’t get left behind…


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