In trying times, we have to keep the wheels turning

Very few of society have faced anything like what we all front up to today. Fluid developments continue to alarm and challenge us. Businesses have been placed in a period of uncertainty whilst they seek support from the government. For now, all we can all do is follow the important Government guidelines, look after loved ones, colleagues and those who are vulnerable in our communities.

But what about business and those who work in marketing. How do we balance the need to operate with an appreciation and understanding of societal challenges? Well, firstly, you ARE doing your bit if you’re observing social distances. You are doing your bit if you’re showing respect to society and an appreciation for the wonderful key workers up and down the country. You’re doing your bit.

Work-wise, strangely, due to self-isolation more people than ever before are accessing the internet. People are alarmed by the news and its fluid developments. People need distraction and respite. All too often that comes from social media. Right now, people need a moment of escapism from the alarming content they’re facing.

Your brand’s content can do this. Clearly, you cannot and should not endeavour to profiteer from the horrid climate we find ourselves in. That said, businesses still need support. They still need products and services. Consumers still need products. Buying continues. With the increased eyes on social media, audiences can see your communications.

Striking the right tone is key. You should never be ‘salesy’. Connecting to audiences through entertainment and light-hearted content will stand out. Looking back to last week, I can’t recall all the comms I saw, but I can recall the video of our awesome NHS working dancing. The posts that laud and applaud businesses who are doing great things. I recall the content that made me laugh. I recall the posts that informed on a level outside of Coronavirus. Simply put, please can we have more non-Coronavirus content.

And that’s your challenge. How can you all help to solve the shortfall of great content? Better quality brainstorms addressing the what and the how of what we can publish. At IF we’re relishing this challenge. We’ve already been working with our clients to address this. It works. The content cuts through.

We’re amidst tough times. We all have to pay attention to the key Government advice. Our day jobs can be some escapism for us all. Let’s have some fun and let’s help our audiences have some entertaining respite too.

Stay safe everyone. Follow the guidelines. We hope to see you all face-to-face very, very soon.

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