Add a Pixel to your Group

Since GDPR, Facebook has stopped collecting or using data for behavioural targeting and removed thousands of targeting options. According to Marketing Land, Facebook removed a further 5,000 ad targeting filters to fight discrimination against religious and ethnic groups. So now, in this post-GDPR world, where Facebook is working hard to become a place where meaningful interactions take place, a new tracking capability is like music to a marketer’s ears!

Facebook may enable advertisers to connect a Pixel to their Group! This means that the people who engage and or click to your site after reading posts in your Facebook Group can be targeted. Up until now, it was very difficult to track, and target group members and you could only do so with UTMs.

This addition means you can track and retarget any interactions that have been made on your Group. You will get to see insights within 24 hours and we’re hoping that Facebook will eventually allow creating custom audiences using Group Pixel data.



Pin comments in the discussion threads 

Groups on any social platform can be a powerful tool if used correctly.  Brands and marketers can connect, engage, and share content on a large scale to people who already show an interest in their products & services.

Facebook will now allow Group admins to ‘pin’ the best comments from their members. This is a great way to encourage further interaction and engagement as people may be specifically interested in the pinned posts



Let’s see if Facebook will be successful in increasing the impact of brands via Groups. Ultimately, all brands want is a safe place where they can ensure users stay engaged.

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