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By if-admin | June 4, 2013

Google mapsGoogle Maps has been re-released with a completely new look – and I have to say it looks amazing. The new Google Maps seamlessly incorporates Google Earth and Street View – allowing users to take a peek at anything from how Earth looks in space to clouds moving in real time across the sky, or even inside certain buildings!

It’s fair to say that Google Maps has become a staple in most people’s lives. From checking whether you can still make the last train home to virtually checking out the Great Barrier Reef, the tool already has a myriad of uses. Indeed, Apple caused uproar when they replaced Google Maps with their own mapping service on the new iPhone 5 (fortunately not a decision that lasted long). And now the service has just gotten better.

Obviously, the new look includes even more stunning Google imagery. But, that is not all. For every search or click you make a tailored map is created, with integrated Zagat badges and restaurant reviews. It also takes its personalised search to another level – making smart recommendations based on your previous searches. Essentially, the more you use Google Maps the better the service gets for you.

Directions have always been the core ingredient to Google Maps. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I navigated my way to a new place without Google Maps safely guiding my way. Now users can choose from a variety of transportation options including car, public transit, walking, biking and air. Long gone are the days of that little easter egg directing users to swim across the Atlantic Ocean! Now the “best” route is shown by default. Handily, you can compare public transportation trips based on number of transfers, walking distance and total travel time – ensuring you really do take the quickest route.

But don’t just take my word for it. Sign up now for an invitation to the new service.

Image and video courtesy of Google

© Google Maps. Image.

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