The new normal for social media

Is your social media strategy ready for the new normal? How will societal change impact your brand approach to social media now that restrictions are ending? Due to the pandemic, the last two years meant a drastic change in our social behaviour and, inevitably, we adopted new habits, trends, and interests. It’s important to understand how the new normal will affect your organisation and the opportunities you can seize for your brand. If you want to know all the secrets on how to adapt your organisation’s social strategy to meet the new consumer expectations, watch this video now. You’ll learn:

What has changed?

As some habits formed over the last two years are here to stay, you need to keep an eye on what has changed. There are social signals we should be paying attention to and data that will give us clues as to how we can continuously and rapidly test and learn through this period of change.

Are there new audiences?

Running a test and learn on the new audiences and segments will help you establish opportunities. The pandemic brought us new audiences: The baby boomers. They have been very active, spending on average an hour and twenty minutes a day on social media. What opportunities can you seize for this new audience?

What are the new movements?

The social signals around new behaviours, interests, and movements. Listening to these signals gives you the opportunity to capture audiences and be relevant at the right time.

What are the new formats brands should be experimenting with?

Experimenting with new formats will put your organisation ahead of the game as customers are demanding new ways of being entertained on social.

If you need help creating or updating your social media strategy with the new normal, work with an experienced partner – like us! Get in touch today!

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