The power of social media for recruiting the best talent

Social media is a proven way of raising awareness around products and services, providing customer service, and generating leads, but it is becoming increasingly essential for recruiting the best talent for your business.

Instead of just finding those candidates that are actively looking for jobs, social media allows companies to target ‘passive’ candidates that are not looking for a job and attract the best talent for each role, at a significantly cheaper cost than the traditional recruitment agency method.

When it comes to recruiting via social, LinkedIn is by far the most effective network, with 94% of companies using the platform to vet and research candidates. Facebook (65%) and Twitter (55%) are the second and third most effective networks for recruitment.

The main advantage of using social media to recruit new talent is that it can give recruiters a full picture of the candidate before you see them. From their career history, skills and recommendations from LinkedIn to their personal interests on Twitter, you can make sure you have a good idea of the right person you are looking for. This all allows for significant savings in time to hire (33% less time), with companies reporting a 49% increase in candidate quality through social.

You can see the full results from the Social Recruiting Survey, commissioned by social recruiting Jobvite, in the infographic below
JobviteStateOfSocialRecruitingInfographic V2

Infographic Courtesy of: Jobvite

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