The world has gone visual. 10% of photos taken in the history of the world were taken in the last year, as online and social media continues to embrace the power of visual content.

The statistics speak for themselves: 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day, over a billion photos were uploaded to Instagram since its launch and sharing photos from Instagram-to-Twitter has increased 20-fold in the last year.

Fed up of being left out of the visual content club, LinkedIn is now becoming more visual, giving its 200 million users the ability to share photos, presentations and documents from the LinkedIn homepage.

The new feature is set to be rolled out to users in the near future, with some users already being able to take advantage of the feature. To share content, click on the paperclip icon on the right side of your share box when you post an update.

For some inspiration on how you can use visual content on your LinkedIn page, take a look at the likes of HP.

What do you think of LinkedIn’s decision to embrace visual content?


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