The shift to visual social media

Content marketing is on the lips of most Marketing Managers as we head into 2013. The growth of platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are proof of the way that people are consuming content – shifting to rich engaging visual content.

Our own client analysis shows that 4x more engagement was generated on Facebook when using an image as part of the post compared with any other type of media. Another of our clients has invested in additional resource, bringing the production of assets for their social channels in-house. You only have to look at FMCG brands such as Walkers, Marmite and Kit Kat to see the investment in producing engaging, stimulating image based content. This is particularly important in Facebook where using rich media will help you “play the Edgerank game” and extend the reach of your content. (find out more on Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm)

There are some smart tips nested in this clever infographic below, but here are some Tweetable pullouts for you to share:

Instagram trumps Twitter for daily active mobile users

Photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post

Over 80% of pins are repins on Pinterest

PicMonkey averages 1.6m visits per day and 4.3m images edited per day

Pinterest is the 4th largest driver of traffic worldwide

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