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What better way to network than virtually, especially when job searching?

LinkedIn, you can call out to your connections to let them know you are job searching. You can be introduced to their connections, for maximum networking opportunities. As LinkedIn is a professional networking site, you can also link your Twitter and blog to it. This will ensure any recruiter looking at your profile sees your maximum potential.

A big plus of using LinkedIn to job search is the groups and company profiles, unlike other social sites – these groups and company profiles are strictly professional and are mainly targeted for the professional who is emerged in their job sector and/or job searching. Joining relevant groups and interacting within the group, will not only get you noticed, but access to fellow members profiles and the ability to send them direct messages (InMail). Following companies you want to work for, or even that you have found purely since job searching will ensure you see their job posts and company updates and sector information – all useful for the savvy job hunter!

When you have actually got to offer stage with a job, it is normal protocol for them to ask for references. Why not be ahead of the game by asking your connections to recommend you on LinkedIn? Anyone looking at your profile can see who is saying good things about you and what is so great about you… You don’t even have to sell yourself!

You must, above all, keep ALL your social networking sites clean and tidy. Ensure photos are not rude or could be seen as offensive. There is no point having a fantastic LinkedIn profile and letting yourself down by your potential employer seeing a joke on your Facebook, which is actually offensive – they will see potential future problems, even before you have met them. Don’t let yourself lose before you are even at the starting line!

All the above LinkedIn info can be applied to Google+ too. Keep it relevant, make sure you are using it to aid your career, not to hinder it. Remember if you are job searching NOW, we are looking for a Digital Designer, Senior Consultant and a Consultant to join our rapidly growing team, get in contact with me now at

Happy job searching!

Infographic from MarketMeSuite.

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