On revisiting the video interview from SES it strikes me that social search is a complex issue that goes beyond the technology.

It is much more than key words, phrases. Much more than Google +1; Bing and Facebook integration; or even trying to work around the new Panda algorithms. It is, as we frequently tell clients, about storytelling.

But there is a problem with storytelling. It is not a natural fit for companies. Brands are engineered to communicate via promotion and broadcast.

Storytelling needs companies to dig deeper into their brand values. Often weaving and creating a story that isn’t just centred on marketing and PR. For example a tech company might look for subject matter expertise amongst its engineers, or a retailer might look for insights and nuggets from its packing and delivery divisions.

Storytelling requires cross company integration, a clear understanding of audience behaviours and motivations (not just a summary of the chatter) and a common objective that you are in social media for the long haul.

Ultimately the effort is worth this investment: because stories told well will be shared. And social search is all about sharing.

© SES Conference and Expo. “PR, Search and Social media”.Video.

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