The things no one tells you about video on social

For many businesses, producing and outputting video content can be costly in terms of time, money and skills. With the meteoric rise of video across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, you’ve got to have the video know-how to remain relevant.

Where do we come in? We’re here to debunk the myths and give you some cracking knowledge to begin creating video content that’s truly fit for social.

Firstly, social video and traditional video have some similarities and differences.

Similarities? For valuable impact, you must mimic the depth of the storytelling in big-time traditional ads. It’s the depth of the story that has the ability to captures both hearts and minds.

But you’ve got to talk about social video in isolation, because it’s just so different to traditional video production. It requires agility and the ability to turn video production around much quicker than traditional video production.

Social media operates more like a newsroom, rather than broadcast. Short-form video tends to work very well for social media, because its these smaller ‘heartbeats’ of content that can capture the audience’s attention. Social is incredibly fast-paced, so bitesize chunks of content are perfect for audiences to digest, rather than a quick scroll onto the next piece of content in their feed.

With this in mind, you’ve got to consider video content within your social media strategy. To help you, we’re sharing some insider secrets on how to create quality video; what will capture the attention of your customers, and how to train the talent in your organisation to be in-front of the camera.

Starting this week, video insider secrets are revealed on our social profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) and in our blogs, so keep watching!

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