To be or not to be…

Not long ago, marketers wondered if their brand had to be on social media. Today, we know the answer is a big YES. So now the question is… which social media channel should your brand be on? How can you choose the most suitable social media channel for you? Very often organisations choose the trendy social platform or the one with which they feel most familiar. However, this often leads to failures in social media.

In this blog, we’ll ask you the questions you need to ask yourself before you jump into all the available platforms.

What social media platform is your target audience on?

The beauty of social media channels is that brands can talk directly with their target audience or ideal client. This can help build enough trust in the brand, ultimately push them to choose your brand. That means you must be where your target audience is. So, define your buyer persona and find out where it is!

How does your buyer persona use social media?

Do you already know in which social media channels is your target audience? Great! But before you take your business there, find out how your buyer persona is using that channel. Does it use it professionally (like LinkedIn)? Does it use it to socialize (like Facebook or Instagram)? Or does it use it to stay up to date with news and debate (like Twitter)? If your objective is to attract that buyer persona so that they end up buying, but what you sell does not fit with their use of social media, your buyer persona won’t listen to you. Your message has to be aligned with the content that he wants to consume on that particular social platform.

Do your organisational objectives fit with how your ideal client use social?

You must define the objectives you want to achieve in each social media channel. For example, if you are a B2C company and want to sell your products/services directly to the consumer, LinkedIn would probably not be the best place to find them. And, if you sell a very complex B2B service, the leads you might find on Facebook may not be of high quality if targeted incorrectly.

Choosing the most suitable social media channel for your brand requires in-depth knowledge of them, a prior study of your target audience behaviours and an exhaustive assessment to find out which one will be most effective in achieving the objectives of our business. If you want to avoid making mistakes on this very important step of your digital marketing strategy, contact a professional now – like us!

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