Top 5 blog posts of 2012… and more!

2012 has been a thrilling year in the world of social media, and we’ve been busy keeping up with the rapidity of changes as and when they happen. As the year draws to a close we’ve chosen the top 5 blog posts of 2012.

1. Afraid of your competitor’s social media activity?
A whopping 85% of brands believe increased social media marketing by competitors will have a significant impact on their social media plans. What’s your response to the social media activity of your rivals?
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2. Social customer service done right – 5 success stories from ASOS to Zappos
Consumers are increasingly turning to social networks as a way to reach out to brands and convey their frustrations and worries. The post outlines recent best practice examples of social customer service.
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3. Your socially engaged consumers spend more 
Is there any link between social engagement and consumer spending? This article answers with a resounding “Yes”, showing that the social ROI is tangible and concrete.  
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4. LinkedIn UK membership stats
LinkedIn has become the central B2B marketing platform of 2012. 4 in 5 UK professionals are now on LinkedIn, and the platform has seen a steady growth of 2 million users per year. The article reveals insightful statistics.
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5. Top UK B2B Twitter profiles
If you are contemplating launching a Twitter stream to stay connected to your customers, then these examples might prove useful. Additionally, the article shows a variety of techniques being used to engage with the customer base.  
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…and a bonus – Christmas Special:

6. What People Really Want for Christmas
Social media provides unprecedented access to public opinion instantly. We’ve done some listening and pulled together the ultimate social media Christmas wish list. What do people really want for Christmas?
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We can’t wait to face the opportunities, changes and challenges of 2013. And we are looking forward to sharing the latest developments with you here on the blog. Here’s to an even more thrilling 2013!

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