The following blog will focus on a few of the latest features Facebook has launched:


  • GIF button to comments: Ever since we saw the first GIF’s on Facebook almost two years ago, we have always wanted to be able to seamlessly use them across the platform. A dream come true would be the ability to update one’s status using GIFs however, we are one step closer! FB have now added a GIF button to comments. Having tested the feature for over three months, it is now available to use across all user posts. The GIF button will allow you to search for your favourite and trending GIFS without the need to copy/paste! Enjoy!


  • Canvas ads added to the Collection format- as a marketer, how much do you love the remarkably aesthetic ad presentations Canvas ads create? And how well does Collection show your products as shoppable image tiles? Well, FB wants to rise above its competitor Google and have combined the two! It’s clear that FB want to prove that the grouping of content and commerce is the way forward for those who are comfortable to shop on Social. Canvas is now available with Collection meaning it is available for every newsfeed format. It comes with 3 new templates for those businesses who are trying to achieve more than just selling their products:



  • Instant Articles Ad Unit- FB have announced that publishers can now use test the addition of ads to their Instant Articles. These ad’s will appear at the bottom of articles to help them generate revenue and grab the readers who are looking for more content once they reach the end of an article. It is only available to the publishers who have access to the Instant Articles platform.


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