Top Tips: Writing Better Social Content


Writing social posts is easy, isn’t it? Just hop on twitter, whack in 240 characters and watch the leads and conversions come flying in, right? In an ideal world, sure. But curating social posts that both resonates with your target audiences and encourages them to engage with you is trickier than most think.

Let’s dive into some tips revealing the most optimal ways to write on social per platform to ensure your social copy hits the mark.



The blue bird of awareness and short copy. Twitter has limited character real-estate and so being smart and concise with your copy in order to convey your message is vital. When posting on Twitter, always keep these two tips in mind:

  • Front-load Your Tweets

Most people on twitter are skimming through a horde of tweets every time they browse, so ensure whenever you’re constructing a tweet, the most important details or message are loaded at the front of your tweet. For example, promoting an event with a high-profile speaker? Mention their name first.

  • Short & Sweet

A good lesson for all platforms, but most important on Twitter. Keep your posts concise, to the point and without fluff. You’ve got limited characters, so don’t waste them on the superfluous. If you really need a lot of copy, consider creating a thread or using a different platform.



The platform people can pretend is work, LinkedIn is the primary networking and B2B platform and works slightly different to others.

  • Go Long (Where appropriate)

LinkedIn provides the opportunity to create long form posts, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. If curating posts for your company page, it’s best practise to maintain concise and informational copy. However, if you’re re-sharing a blog or article to your personal network, it’s always beneficial to add some of your own flavour and perspective.

  • A Dash of Hashtag

While Twitter is the kingpin of hashtags – Using them into your LinkedIn copy is still a solid tactic that can greatly boost engagement. It’s important to use them in moderation and to weave them into your actual copy, but with the correct use of relevant hashtags, you’ll give your content a strong boost.



Still the biggest social platform out there, the best way to write for Facebook has changed over the years. And no, it’s not the platform of the elderly just yet.

  • Let the Creatives Sing

Facebook loves short form content, but what really sings on the platform is strong video content. So as a rule, ensure that when you’re posting you’ve got strong animated creatives for your post, and then write short, concise copy which drives interest your creative assets.

  • Be Conversational

Try to not let your brand shackle your content too much. On Facebook, people have a limited tolerance for self-promotion. So if you want to keep your content engaging, consider a bit less self-promotion and a bit more conversation. Raise general topics and ask questions to pique interest and maintain engagement with your page. Be sure to keep topics related to your niche though.


Writing for social can be a challenging beast to wrangle, but by implementing a few of these tips your social content will start to sing.

If you’d like to see a real deep dive into the different ways you can make your social content engaging, get in touch with the IF team.

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