We’re very pleased to let you know that at last night’s Reputation Online awards immediate future and Sony Europe picked up the ‘Best use of online media/blogger relations’ gong for 2009’s Twilight Football campaign.

It’s a just reward for the team that worked on the seven month campaign, taking a small nub of an idea (to hold seven football matches in seven stunning locations at twilight) and putting together a coherent social media strategy that would ensure that the end results far outstripped the initial investment.

If you’re not familiar with Twilight Football, you can read more about it in the case study on our website. What the case study doesn’t give you a flavour of though, is the amount of effort that the Sony Europe PR team and team at immediate future put into the campaign.

Anyone who has worked in PR/marketing/advertising will be no stranger to long nights and early starts, and at times Twilight Football was no exception to this. Managing multiple campaign strands at a time, dealing with over a hundred different competition winners, bloggers and players, live tweeting from games around the clock – all these things were managed with aplomb and dedication.

So, big shout outs to client lead Aisling McCarthy (if you meet her, ask about the lion costume), Mark Wyatt and Jonny Stark on the immediate future side. Similarly, Ruth Speakman, Silke Schild and Rachel Batchelor from Sony Europe. We wouldn’t have won it without you!

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