With the near constant innovation we see from Facebook’s ad offering, it’s easy to forget that other social media platforms release new products from time-to-time. This week there have been two announcements that have got us excited, and they’re both about video.

First up LinkedIn is FINALLY testing a video ad format that will let advertisers target users on mobiles with native video, just a couple of months after it rolled out native video in user feeds.

The video ad format that LinkedIn is testing isn’t revolutionary – you’ll be able to upload a video via the ads platform or a company business page, and then serve it as sponsored content to a select group of users you choose to target. You’ll see additional data and metrics to video ads on other platforms, including view counts and percentage of video viewed.

We can’t quite believe it’s taken LinkedIn quite this long to get on the video bandwagon, but we’re really glad they finally have.

Twitter’s had video ads for a while now, and we’re used to them, but the platform’s decided to jump on the ‘immersive experience’ platform with a new format called Video Website Cards – as with usual video ads, users will see a video in their feed with a clear CTA to click on a link.

If a user on a mobile clicks on the link, the brand’s website will load, but most importantly, the video will continue playing at the top of their screen as they scroll through the website.

The aim? To create a seamless experience for users when clicking from Twitter timeline to webpage.

Want to see what the format looks like? Make sure you’re on your mobile and click this ad:

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