After a number of high-profile hackings of some of its accounts, Twitter has launched a new strike in the war on hackers with a new weapon: two-stage authentication.

From the hacking of the Associated Press’ Twitter account, where a tweet was posted suggesting an attack on the White House, to the hackings of Burger King and Jeep in March, Twitter has seen the need to protect itself and offer an added layer of security for its 500 million plus userbase.

The new login verification, which is available now, means that Twitter users can now sign up to have a unique code sent to their phone by text message whenever they log in from a new computer. This means that any hacker who tries to steal your password has to infiltrate your phone as well, making it a lot harder to do.

The new authentication will only notify you when you login to Twitter on a new computer or device though, so it is not as though it will take twice as long to login every time you use your computer. For brands though, this is a welcome safeguard that can protect them from potential hacks, particularly when these instances can lead to a social media crisis and reputational ramifications.

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