Twitter IPO stops blind social investing

As most of us know, it’s been pretty hard to ignore, Twitter began trading in the New York Stock Exchange last week, November 7th, with an initial value of $26. Moving from being a private company into a public one has left people feeling divided about the topic. Some consider it a poor investment and felt that the company was over-valued. For me, I saw it as a great opportunity and I wish I had invested.

Time will tell who is wrong and who is right, however, there is no doubt that Twitter’s move to a public offering has created lots of conversation, both positive and negative. On 7th November alone “there were almost 183,000 mentions of the initial public offering (IPO) across the social web.” It was a pleasant surprise to read that 22% of the positive conversations (49% of overall conversation) were to congratulate Twitter or one of its founders.

To gain further stats and insight around the buzz around Twitter’s IPO and to see how it compares to Facebook’s move to a public company, on the 18th May 2012, take a closer look at the infographic below.


The move of social media companies from private to public is all very new to us.  We are unable to predict how they are going to perform as we simply do not have a lot of data to make forecasts. However, we now have two of the largest social media platforms offering themselves to the public; as investors, we can compare the two, make benchmarks, reduce investment risk in the future when wanting to invest into social media companies.

Thank you @jasonwstein for allowing me to use this infographic

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