tb2-11-blog-bannerPeriscope announces a new partnership with its mother company Twitter. Starting this week, you have the option to provide a link to your Periscope profile on your Twitter page.

The quick fix for avid Periscope broadcasters would be to provide your profile link within the website field on your Twitter profile. Here’s why you should delete the link and start using the new Twitter feature.

  • You will want to cram as much information into your Twitter bio as possible, use the website link to share more about you
  • Once you update your bio, a Periscope icon will appear on your Twitter account
  • The icon starts flashing when you start streaming in real-time, indicating that you are ‘Live on Periscope’ so all your followers can join in
  • It’s quick and easy to update your profile. Simply click ‘edit profile’ on your profile and check the box that says ‘show my Periscope profile’

Twitter aims to make it easier for it’s users to launch and view live-streams with the range of new features. The new additions include auto-playing Periscope videos and the release of the ‘Go Live’ button.

Will Twitter and Periscope’s partnership be enough to challenge the growing popularity of Facebook Live? The update may see a small increase in growth and will certainly encourage live broadcasters take the steps to increasing their followers.

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