Twitter Recruiting

Well well well, what do we have here?!

Looks like Twitter is making moves to allow verified organisations to post job openings in app!

As shared by user Nima Owji;

Businesses will be able to promote job opportunities on Twitter directly, offering businesses another way to connect with possible candidates. This feature will allow job postings to be seen on the company’s Twitter account and link back to an application page on their website.

There aren’t any definite launch dates yet, however, this move seems to be part of Elon’s ambition to turn Twitter into an “Everything App”.

I’m actually kinda surprised this hasn’t been done before, I know I’ve searched for work through Twitter and have also put the word out for people hiring so it only makes sense that such a connected app with millions of users would search for work there.

I’m interested to see what becomes of this, will there be an easy apply option? What about job opening tabs? This also feels like it will make looking for work even more accessible to people.

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