Twitter: the new golden child in B2B lead generation?

When it comes to implementing Twitter as part of your B2B marketing and lead generation efforts, it can be easy to presume that the platform is best used for more ‘fluffy’ types of activity. These may be nurturing customer engagement or using it as a broadcast channel to push out marketing messages, such as company updates or to promote your latest blog. Some may perceive it to be a channel that is more appropriate for B2C businesses and not really the right place to spend your media budget or time when it comes to delivering hard-line leads. This is absolutely FALSE. FALSE. FALSE.

Based on campaign results we’re seeing with our very own B2B clients, we would like to put right this common misconception. In fact, despite its ostensible ‘fluffy’ social networking/ micro-blog exterior, Twitter can be used strategically as an effective channel to generate high quality leads and to source new prospects for your sales teams. When running paid media across LinkedIn and Twitter, we’re starting to see a trend towards Twitter coming out on-top on the lead-gen front, delivering higher volumes of quality leads, at a lower cost – usurping LinkedIn, the golden child of lead-gen.

You’ve spent time and money to create premium gated content, so give it wings with social advertising

Promoting Tweets that link to gated content is a well-known and super simple technique to draw your target audience on Twitter onto your website. Assuming your landing page is optimised well, there is a good possibility that said Twitter user will convert into a form submission.

But it’s not enough to create content that serves as a vehicle to promote. Hitting decision makers with the right message at the right time is key. You want to attract the attention of senior decision makers, so make sure your messaging is relevant and informative, to ensure it resonates.

It doesn’t stop there. The set up of your Twitter ad campaigns takes some thought. To ensure you reach a relevant audience, it’s important to consider industry keywords that your audience is likely to use, @handles they’re likely to follow and TV shows they’re likely to watch. The list goes on!

With a vast network of opportunity of 320M monthly active users, and B2B marketers reporting that their biggest challenge is “generating high-quality leads (61%)”, Twitter is totally worth it.

If that’s not enough to tempt you, here’s one final stat. Companies that do invest in Twitter as a lead-generation channel average 2 times more leads per month than those that do not. So what are you waiting for?

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