Twitter: They say one picture speaks a thousand words, so how about four?

By if-admin | April 8, 2014

Twitter has already carved out its name as one the top social media sites to market and advertise from but in an effort to become more ‘social’ it recently revealed two new features that allow users to upload up to 4 photos in a single tweet and tag up to 10 people. It has been just over one week since the announcement was made and already we have seen brands experimenting slowly, but surely.

The idea of a multiple image post intrigues me the most – why? I see it as a great opportunity for brands to get creative in selling their products and services. The new roll out will give brands the ability to tell a full story with a couple of images rather than being restricted to the text-heavy 140 character posts. After all content with compelling images attracts 94% more views so imagine how many eyeballs will be on your content when there are four!

See how the social media savvy Innocent Smoothies have quickly responded to the multiple photo feature:

Naked Juice saw an impressive rise in engagement when showcasing their products in a 4 step guide to make a delicious ice lolly:

The post proved to be incredibly effective in capturing the audience’s attention as it saw engagement levels increase by almost 100 times, compared to the average Tweet by the company.

As brands start to recognise the story-telling potential of the feature that drives consumer interest, I am excited to see how it will develop into a serious social media marketing tool!

What are your thoughts on the update?

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