Marketers can now measure the success of a campaign by tracking how many people are talking and engaging with a brand’s social activity. The Twitter Ads dashboard will display the engagement metrics and the earned media metrics generated by the campaign’s success.

Struggling to encourage your fans, audience or followers to engage and talk about your brand? Twitter’s brand-new Instant Unlock Card will encourage people to Tweet to unlock content.

Twitter’s advanced analytics lets you see engagement metrics and the earned media generated, you can gain additional campaign insights through Brand Hub’s Watchlist feature.

Reward your audience with exclusive content such as compelling images or videos including call-to-action buttons and custom hashtags. It’s a win-win for marketers looking for new ways to reach out to their target audiences. During Twitter’s beta, brands generated an average 34% earned media rate. That means for 100 paid impressions, a marketer receives 34 earned impressions.

In addition to Instant Unlock Cards, Twitter also launched the Conversational ads earlier in the year. Conversational ads enable you to send out a promoted tweet with responses for users to choose from. Twitter will then generate a branded tweet message that you can Tweet from your own account, endorsing the message.

Take a new approach with your next Twitter campaign, these new ad features are now available to all managed accounts.

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