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Coding has always been that skill that was either honed by those of a more technical nature or of those that are forced into having to use code to develop something that simply wasn’t there before, or even adapt current code to fit another bit of code – phew.

If, like me, you may have had  ‘mid level’ experience of writing a basic web page (1998), tweaking your HTML email newsletter (2001), embedding Google analytical code (2004) or even tweaking your tumblr theme (last week). Heck, I even tweaked code to embed the video below! Then you may have some idea of how the myriad of different codes work and coordinate to bring amazing interfaces, connectivity and function across our digital sphere and know how important this understanding is in being able to innovate realistic possibilities and push technical boundaries.

It’s now more than a standard requisite for the younger, more digitally inherent, generation to have a deeper knowledge of how coding works, above being able to write it, is now very much the norm.

Recognition of this has now emerged in new UK Government education policy “Year of Code”, training for teachers in coding and app development, giving the opportunity for schools to extend their IT offering and provide for a generation that not only ‘dances all over’ new digital trends but will very soon begin customising and developing their own apps and platforms.

“Computer coding is the lingua franca of the global technology economy,” said Rohan Silva, chairman for the Year of Code project. “If the UK is to remain at the vanguard of innovation worldwide, we need to ensure that our workforce is equipped with the skills of the 21st century, not of the past. Year of Code is all about making sure this vital change takes place – and fast.” – Via The Next Web https://tnw.co/1eE2fB6

The necessity to innovate tech and digital interaction is crucial to a basic understanding of how digital apps and platforms interact and coordinate.

In other steps toward educating people on code, new training app Code Academy is one of the first of its kind to guide users step-by-step toward learning coding basics in just 1 hour.  A great new beginner-friendly way to take on the potentially baffling world of HTML one task at a time.

Whatever your position in Tech or digital, it’s invaluable to be able to code a little and know a lot in order to have the opportunity to know how Tech boundaries can and will be pushed. And to give insight into the app developments of tomorrow.

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