Up for debate; how will the new video discussion platform fare?

It’s the latest channel to make headlines, perhaps in part because of its endorsement by Stephen Fry, but most notably because it is an exciting idea. ticckle is a 30 second video debate platform. It seems to adopt and mix the style of YouTube, the time restraint of Vine, the access to celebrities of Twitter and the ease of sharing as Pinterest.

Social media is embraced for giving a voice to anyone and everyone but ticckle takes it one step further, by putting a face to your name. The site itself proclaims to be “A place you can express your true opinions, share new ideas and ask any questions you want. On ticckle we actively celebrate difference.”

One video posted by Vanessa Thorpe, Arts and Media correspondent of The Observer, asks Should we be anonymous online?

It’s certainly an interesting topic, and one that comes at an important time. As Thorpe points out, the surveillance programme Prism, Internet trolls, and even the recent steps taken by David Cameron to filter sensitive content are hot topics, making ticckle an important channel to keep an eye on and an ideal way to share your opinions.

Are you using ticckle? Join the debate, and share your thoughts by leaving a comment or tweeting @iftweeter and @SJSharkey1

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