Up your Social Media game with Emojis


Whether or not you have embraced emoijs in your social media, it is undeniable that these pictograms have become a legitimate communication tool. They can convey an emotion and express thoughts visually. They add an additional level of context, in fewer characters.

They’re fun, sometimes a bit silly, and you can use them to your advantage!

Emojis are highly effective on social media and marketers overlooking their potential are missing a trick to capitalize on this trend. Smug face.

On Twitter, using emojis results in 25.4% increased engagement. The character limit makes emojis an excellent method of expression when you have to keep it short. To better facilitate their use there’s sponsored hashtag emoji options, searchable, emoji-like stickers and don’t forget that you can use them to target ads, too. Twitter has also just announced searches entirely by emoji. You can search for any emoji, or combination of emojis, and it will return a listing of tweets in which people are using them. So next time you’re thinking of adding an emoji to your tweet, you can now quickly search for it to ensure you’re aware of common usage and helping you avoid any unintentional hiccups.

On Instagram, nearly 50% of all comments and captions contain emojis. Instagram allows emojis in your bio, CTAs, comments, and posts. You can also use them in hashtags and improve the reach of your posts.

On Facebook, using emojis results in 57% more likes, 33% more comments, and 33% more shares. However, in order to achieve these results, you need to test them, use them strategically in your campaigns and find out which ones are most effective for your brand. Sometimes their meaning is filled with inappropriate connotations, which can damage the reputation of your brand. Emojipedia is a great online resource of emojis and their meanings, so check it out before you decide to spice up your posts.

Emojis help brands communicate better, and develop and maintain an emotional connection with their audiences. They are a great way to help your posts stand out and get more engagement.


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