Uplifting Accounts to Follow on World Mental Health Day


This Sunday, 10th October marks World Mental Health Day – an international day for mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against social stigma.

Providing a positive headspace for team members should be a top priority for employers; and here at IF, we do our best to foster a supportive environment that promotes wellbeing and prevents burnout.

One thing that we promote, and bring in where possible, is positive messaging and humour to bring levity into our day-to-day. Here are some of the accounts we follow, quote, share and scroll through to do just that:

1.@tanksgoodnews is a great spot to get good, uplifting news. Sometimes it’s nice to read about something positive for a change!

2. @animalsdoingthings because who doesn’t love watching animals doing things.

3. @davidattenborough is a no brainer, really. Who doesn’t love David Attenborough?

4. @thearchbishopofbanterbury is a great account to follow if you want a good LOL break in your day.

Now, more than ever, we all need to do what we can to support people around us. Please give the Mental Health Foundation a follow to see what you can be doing for yourself and others to promote mental wellbeing.

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