Facebook has become the ultimate B2C social media marketing platform. It enables businesses to target their audience and create a community of brand ambassadors.

But exactly how should brands go about marketing on Facebook? Jon Loomer has come up with a useful checklist for Facebook marketing in 2013.

Here’s some tips especially worth highlighting:

1. Create a content plan. It will enable you bring about a coherent, comprehensive and convincing long-term image of your brand. A three or six month content plan will also reduce day to day stress of coming up with new content ideas. Instead, you’ll be able to focus to what really matters – engaging with your fans.

2. Create a monthly insights report. A monthly report will help you understand what kind of content your fans love and what is left ignored. Such insight will help optimise your future content and thus engage with your brand ambassadors more effectively.

3. Encourage check-ins. The demand for mobile-optimised content marketing is growing exponentially. If appropriate to your brand, check-ins will help you reach mobile fans who will gladly check-in and tell their friends about their loyalty to your brand.

For more useful tips, see this useful checklist:

The ultimate Facebook marketer's checklist 2013

Source: https://www.jonloomer.com/2012/12/31/facebook-marketing-checklist/

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